Religious and Special Celebrations at the Pantheon

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The Basilica of the Pantheon is a church that has been consecrated to the catholic faith since the 13th of May 609 and since that date it has been uninterruptedly used to honour God, the private and public prayers of the faithful, and the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist, the sanctification of the Christian population through the sacraments.

Timetable Holy Masses
Mass is celebrated in the Basilica on Saturdays and on pre-holidays at 17.00; Sunday and public holidays at 10.30.

Prossimi appuntamenti

Celebrazioni particolari ed eventi religiosi in Basilica

  • Domenica 7 luglio 2019. La S. Messa delle ore 10,30 è animata dal Coro della “Alleyns School” – U. S. A.
  • Dal 12 al 13 luglio 2019 si svolge al Pantheon il Festival Internazionale di Musica Sacra. Sono previsti i seguenti interventi: Venerdì 12 luglio 2019 ore 14,00 Shanghai S- future Choir; Sabato 13 luglio 2019 ore 12,00 Manila Chamber Singers; ore 14,00 Children’s Choir Primary School.
  • Sabato 13 luglio 2019. La S. Messa delle ore 17,00 è animata dal Gruppo canadese “Amabile Choir”, che tiene poi un Concerto di musica sacra.
  • Domenica 14 luglio 2019. La S. Messa delle ore 10,30 è animata da un Coro della Malesia, che tiene poi un breve Concerto di musica sacra.
  • Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria in Cielo. SS. Messe: Mercoledì 14 agosto 2019 alle ore 17,00 (della vigilia); Giovedì 15 agosto 2019 alle ore 10,30. Presiede il Canonico mons. Bruno Gagliarducci. Indulgenza alle solite condizioni. La Basilica chiude alle ore 13,00.

Rules for your visit

Visiting a church is always a spiritual experience. During the visit therefore you are invited to maintain a decorous behaviour and wear suitable clothing as well as contributing to silence and prayer. The visit can become your particular moment of grace and dialogue : with the Virgin Mary, to whom the Basilica is dedicated with the name S. Maria dei Martiri, and with her son Jesus.

Reservations Holy Masses

If you wish to book a Holy Mass inside the Pantheon, please complete the following form in its entirety. Online booking is allowed for the celebration in the internal chapel for a group of maximum 50 people. For larger groups wishing to celebrate Mass in the Basilica, it is necessary to forward a request to the Rector, sending an email to [email protected]

Masses Reservations Form

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