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Admire the revered temple and mausoleum of the Pantheon

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Pantheon Audio Guide Tours

The Pantheon has stood as a testament to the glory of Rome for over 2,000 years. To visit this impressive monument is to immerse yourself in the Eternal City. The name Pantheon derives from Greek and means “all the gods” (pan= all, theos = god), and, in fact, the building was dedicated to all of them.

Unravel the obscure history of the Pantheon on a 35-minute audio guide tour. Admire the revered temple and mausoleum of the Pantheon and marvel at the extraordinary architectural features such as the oculus of the huge dome.

Make your way to the Pantheon to explore the best-preserved monument of ancient Rome. Collect your audio guide at the desk inside the Pantheon to begin learning about its fascinating history on your own tour.

Make use of 15 listening points and a map to locate points of interest inside the basilica. Learn the history of the building and how it later came to be used a church and a mausoleum.

The Pantheon, built between 25 and 27 B.C., is the only ancient Roman building that has remained nearly intact through the centuries. Dedicated to all the gods of Pagan Rome, the temple was built by the Emperor Hadrian on the site of an earlier temple commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus.

Classified as a temple, the original use of the Pantheon and how people worshipped there is unknown as the structure is different from other traditional Roman temples, such as the Roman Forum.

Learn all of this and more during your audio-guided Pantheon tour. Book online.

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